What kind of services do you provide?

Our agency provides a wide range of services including: accommodation -from deluxe hotels to basic self-catering rooms-, transportation -from anywhere to any place within Greece, and at anytime-, ticketing, guided tours & excursions, cruises, car rentals and lots of other activities, like horseback riding, scuba diving, etc.

Do you specialize in any particular groups of clientele?

We can actually cover more or less every need or request from any type of client. However, due to the fact that the below mentioned types of clientele are simply the ones that will generally book their holiday with a travel agent through the internet more often than others, we have accumulated special experience in honeymooners and gay/lesbian travelers. Please don't misunderstand this: if you do not belong to either one of these groups, you will be taken care after and spoiled with exactly the same style!

Why Tourism Greece?

Because we're simply the best!
- 25 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients, many of which, year after year, trust Windmills for the organizing of their vacation, can guarantee that the provided services are of the highest possible standards.
- Any e-mail message that will arrive to our reservation office is quickly -within 24 hours at the latest- and efficiently replied, offering advice and information about any destination to the inquiring visitors.
- Our relationships with the hoteliers and the other businessmen on each destination, allow us to achieve the best rates on accommodation and the other provided services.
- Our long activity in tourism guarantees that from the moment a visitor sets foot on the destination, we are able to deal with any kind of problem and solve it as quickly as possible.
- Finally, we may be dealing with hundreds of customers daily, but we are really careful to acknowledge that every visitor has an individual personality. Please let us know of your special needs and wishes, and we'll be glad to form a tailor-made vacation package especially fitting your case.

How do I book my vacation with you via internet?

It's easy as it sounds: In 3 simple steps!

Step One: Visit any one of our destination web sites and browse through all the packages, ticketing, accommodation, etc., that we offer: 

Send us an e-mail with your request. We'll need the dates when you've decided to travel, the destination you wish to visit, your approximate budget and the type of accommodation where you'd prefer to stay - what type of room you'd need and 2-3 preferred hotels which you can choose from the ones listed in our site.

You can send this email to the address: After we receive it, we'll check out availability at the requested accommodation for the specific dates, and reply back to you with an availability confirmation email or any alternative suggestions (if the requested hotels are fully booked). Attached to that message, you will usually find a charge authorisation form through which the payment of a deposit amount is made.

Step Two: Print out and send us through fax the Charge Authorisation form (which we send to you) filled in with the needed information and the requested deposit amount, along with a copy of your identification card or passport and a copy of both sides of your credit card.

The requested deposit amount is usually 50% of the total reservation cost, the balance due 4 weeks prior to your arrival. If the reservation is made less then a month prior to the arrival, the total reservation cost is required at once. Our fax number where you can send the form is +30 (210) 9916383 in Athens and +30 22890 22066 in Mykonos. After we have received this form, we proceed with booking your room, charging your credit card for the agreed amount, and issuing your e-vouchers. Our amendment and cancellation policy is explicitly mentioned in that form.

Step Three: Receive your e-vouchers through our second mail and print them out. You're ready!

Of course, the first step takes usually the longest time, as most of the travellers need a lot of information and advice before they decide about the specific accommodation they'll choose and the destinations they'll visit. A useful tip to lessen the time needed for the reservation, would be to visit our official site at pick a look at the information given on each destination and study well the list of hotels to find which would be close to your style and budget.

Or go directly to our online e-shop to browse and to purchase :

What about gay visitors?

A very important aspect of our activities has to do with the Gay Market, which forms a big portion of the clientele on the island of Mykonos. Through the hard work of our specialized Gay Department in this field we have established ourselves as the leading Gay Travel Specialist in Greece. Our agency is a member of IGLTA (we're actually the first Greek agency that joined the Organization) and our office is responsible for the annual updates for Greece in the Ferrari and Frommer's Guides, the widely acclaimed gay travel books. Our clients include specialised Gay travel tour operators/travel agents from Italy (Arcoturismo), Spain, the USA (Above and Beyond tours, Club Exotika), Germany (Jornada, Teddy Travel, Reisebuero am Hellkamp), France (Eurogays), the UK (Man Around/Sensations, Galeria Travel) and Switzerland to mention a few, as well as numerous direct clients who call us from all over the world. For these we provide accommodation in carefully selected gay friendly establishments and services such as transfers, and expert advice on where to go and what to do.

Is it safe to send you my credit card information through fax or email?

Through all the years that our agency is operating, not one single case of misusing of personal information was reported from any client to us. However, for additional safety you can use alternative ways of sending us the information: for example, you can leave the last 4 digits of your credit card number uncompleted in the charge authorisation form, and send them to us through an e-mail, or even by giving us a call.

When is the best time to book my room?

A good piece of advice would be to book your vacation as early as possible. The rooms that offer a good quality of standards for a fair price are not as many as you'd imagine. Especially if you're planning to visit the island during July or August, it would be hopeless to search for a good deal after the summer has begun. If you're interested in the low or middle season the possibilities are better, but then again it would be wise to book at least a couple of months before your arrival.

Don't worry if you're not yet sure about the destination you wish to visit or the hotels you wish to stay at. Send us an email with your general request, and we'll be glad to give you all the needed information, organize your holidays and guide you further to the reservation process.

What if I've made a booking and I wish to cancel?

If you wish to cancel a confirmed booking for any reason and at any time, a sum of 45 Ä will be charged to cover administration costs. In the event of cancellation the following cancellation charges will be applied:

Cancellation Period before beginning of services
Charge as a Proportion of Total Invoiced Cost
30 days - 20 days
20 days - 10 days
10 days - 0 days

In case a cancellation is made more than 30 days prior to your arrival, a charge of 10% of the total reservation cost plus the administrative fee of 45 Ä will be applied.

If you have any further questions or comments, please donít hesitate to contact us at Windmills Travel. Our experienced staff is professional, courteous, fast, and efficient; and we are here to serve all of your travel needs in Greece.

Or click here to request our services in a destination that is not featured in this list.